The American Spirit

My health insurance premium is going up $70 a month. My mental healthcare will no longer be covered 100%, so I'll have a co-pay starting in January. I don't get a free annual check-up anymore either. As far as I know, I'm not getting a raise. My rent isn't going down. And yet, my cost... Continue Reading →


Hair Model

When I was a lot younger, I had lots of hair. Thick, black, straight ASIAN hair. I could barely wrap a hair tie around it more than once or twice. I hated it. In fourth grade I got a perm. In junior high and high school I started having it professionally highlighted. I went to... Continue Reading →


If you ask me where I went to college, I'll say Columbia, here in the city. And that's true. I graduated from there in 2001 with a degree in radio. But the other truth is that I spent the first year and a half of college at Grand Valley State University, in Allendale and Grand... Continue Reading →

The Sound of Silence

Four years ago, there were days where I'd go hours not uttering a word. I'd wake up. My roommate would not be there. I wouldn't have to work that day. I'd go through my morning routine. I'd take a train or bus or walk somewhere. The first person to hear my voice would be a... Continue Reading →

Out of My League

I am two hours away from going to a networking event with nine other people, all of whom are more accomplished, have fancier titles and submitted an actual professional head shot for the "look book." I'm in nonprofit, and this is not something I typically participate in. But when my boss forwarded the invitation, I... Continue Reading →

I Failed You

Jane did not want to be my mentee. But it was done. She sighed. She rolled her eyes. I thought at the age of nine, she would be less like a pre-teen. I'm not exactly sure how I found this organization or why I decided to volunteer. It was a weird year. I was broken-hearted,... Continue Reading →


"Runaway Bride" is not a good movie. However, there is something to be said about losing yourself in a relationship. After Julia Roberts character makes a bolt from the alter (again) from the one person she should probably be with, she tries to figure out how she likes her eggs. It turns out, she has... Continue Reading →

Everyday Socialism

There is a lot to discuss about "Insecure" (WHICH I LOVE), but I'd like to talk about something less obvious. I think a lot of my friends are of the mind that the rich should be taxed more and that people with more should give to people with less. Yet, in their everyday lives, this... Continue Reading →

Being A Woman Is Terrible

"I need cupcakes now!" "I'm a complex woman with many moods and they all require chocolate!" "I'm on a 10 day diet. So far I've lost 9 days." "These shoes are killing me, they must look fabulous!" "I think chocolate makes my clothes shrink!" These are hanging in the bathroom of one of my favorite... Continue Reading →

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