I'm sure this has already been brought up, but while avoiding most of the reactions to the Babe Aziz Ansari piece, I figured I'd weigh in anyway. Putting aside trying to define what happened, the takeaway for me is why so many men are OK with having sex with someone who seems hesitant, bored, indifferent,... Continue Reading →


Modern Medicine

We have gone to the ER twice in less than a year, once for my kid, once for me. In my almost thirty nine years of life, I've only needed to go to the hospital four times. Once for a fractured arm, once because half of my face couldn't move, once for like a C-section... Continue Reading →

Service Industry

I've had many jobs over the years. I've been working since I was eleven, when I started babysitting for the kids down the street. List: Cashier Warehouse worker Hostess Telemarketer Salesperson Dishwasher You get the picture. I was a waitress twice. The first was at a small, family owned diner. It didn't last long, but... Continue Reading →

The Woman Cold

I've always wondered why men seem to be EXTRA miserable when they get sick. Do they actually feel worse? Are they babies? Is this a mama's boy thing? But nothing seemed to hold up (except for the assumption that it was the second thing) between all of them. Now I think I've figured it out.... Continue Reading →

Holding Hands

My parents were not very affectionate when I was growing up. That's why one summer vacation when we were in Florida and I saw them holding hands on an evening beach walk, it stuck with me. I don't know if it was that moment, but holding hands became important, a sign of true intimacy. Man,... Continue Reading →

Do You Miss It?

Everyone here is definitely on a date. The best part is trying to figure out how far into the relationship each couple is. It's obvious the couple in front of us is fairly early on in the game, judging by their body language. Others seem a lot cozier. We haven't been out alone in two... Continue Reading →


One of our favorite family things to do is roam around the Village Discount Outlet on half price days. I was never a good thrift shopper as a teen, even though I tried to be. I know the notion wasn't lost on me that I didn't NEED to be shopping at a secondhand store, and... Continue Reading →

When Harry Met Sally (2017)

Last night I saw "When Harry Met Sally" at Logan with my great gal pal, J, who I should have apologized to for reciting quotes during the movie. It still holds up. Even though there are no cellphones, that Marie pulls out a physical Roladex to set Sally up, that she and Jessie answer actual... Continue Reading →

Never Not Thinking About It

I'm a creeper on a 30 Day Challenge Facebook Group. I don't know the two women who started it super well, but from what I do know, I really like. It helps that they are both around my age (AKA not 22), have kids and jobs. I'm a creeper because other than watching what I... Continue Reading →

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